One step ahead. 


2020 year of the woman.

Creativity is woman. One step ahead of men even though media apparently do not notice. Women are increasingly protagonists and increasingly standing on politics, cultural and social scene, but it is still not enough. Superstudio truly believes in the power of and to women and con una mostra dedicata alla creatività femminile in ambito design, art design, arte e artigianato, un inno alla creatività femminile, which is also the theme introduced by The Municipality of Milan for 2020, with the programme “Creativa 2020. The talents of women”.
DD – DONNE E DESIGN (WOMEN AND DESIGN), curated by Gisella Borioli, debuts at Design Week 2020 within SUPERDESIGN SHOW, the great project by Superstudio that ensures top international visibility, in a large-size important space, from 15th April until 21st June at Superstudio Più. The exhibition continues in MyOwnGallery, Superstudio’s contemporary art gallery, still located in via Tortona 27 in Milan.


Info: design@superstudiogroup.com