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“It went well, very well. They city of design, once again proved to be the Capital of Beauty and Innovation. Clean streets, dressed up districts, sunshine and positive energy. The number of public increased of at least 10%, both in Fiera and in the historical Design Districts, and new hubs that attracted design addicts. Enthusiastic visitors, excellent businesses, positive comments everywhere. Superstudio with its SUPERDESIGN SHOW new edition has been once again the heart of the Tortona District and Tortona Design Week with its multitasking and innovative project: on one hand the strong trend of COLOR, launched as this year’s theme that involved all the exhibitors, highlighting a desired change, after so many years of cold and monochromatic homes, on the other hand the comparison between the latest technologies and artificial intelligences and new makers, artists-designers-artisans or even enlightened companies who interpret the contemporary luxury with the successful equation: manual skill + exclusivity = quality.
A history of renovated success even after 18 annual editions. Its qualified public knows that here you can always find quality emotions and new entries thanks to its wide and open to changes research.
Over 130.000 visitors were present in this edition, 120 exhibitors among big names and small companies or independent designers with 42 new creatives in Discovering and the 20 companies and start ups in the Selected Objects, 2 conference rooms with numerous meetings, 4 special projects on the color theme by us, 9 International Universities, 4 art installations, illustrations, photography and gif, 4 projects for Smart City and 1 Materials Village, 1 real temporary home-hotel, ready to use and built in record time, 1 Milan Design
Award to the great and poetic Tokujin Yoshioka for the best installation of the city. All of this on the 17.000 sq.mt occupied in the 2 locations, Superstudio Più and Superstudio 13, with 4 restaurants, garden and roof-garden. Superdesign Show is a project that lasts all year and that avails itself of an internal communication office that is always active with a database of 200.000 directly collected contacts. Superdesign Show 2017 closes with satisfaction this year’s edition but is already in working on a project totally renowned for 2018”. Gisella Borioli


Online the new website: www.superdesignshow.com





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