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As in a sequence, Superstudio 13's famous photographic studios, Armani's theatre and headquarters, the fashion museum Silos, and more Giorgio's new offices stand one after the other and finally, the multi-purpose hub Superstudio Più.
"neighbour" client, friend with whom Gisella Borioli and Flavio Lucchini, founders of Superstudio, have shared the best years of fashion publishing, through the magazines they used to run, such as Vogue, to Uomo Vogue, to Donna to Mondo Uomo to Moda and many more, Giorgio Armani told his story in an extraordinary book curated by the journalist Suzy Menkes. Hundreds of alluring images of his life and of his career flow along with a fluid narration that opens his heart and make us live his own emotions. The presentation, which took place right after the Spring-Summer fashion show, in a star-crowded hall, with magnified photos from the book sliding on the walls, ended up across the street, in the Silos garden, facing Via Tortona.

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