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Condé Nast Italy celebrates the fortieth of the birth of Vogue Man (or better forty-first since the first edition is dated September 1967) with a special edition and with a party. Vogue Man has been the first magazine investigating the men's fashion as an habit phenomenon.
Among all revolutions around 1968, the most extraordinary and clear was the one connected with men's clothing.
Flavio Lucchini, creator, art-director and interpreter of the social changing of those years, after launching Vogue Italia some years before, dedicated to that new inedited production which will influence the publishing industry, fashion and life styles through the Italian and the following international editions.
As the current edition reminds us, all the icons of our times have appeared on Vogue Men's pages, from stars to artists and thinkers who considered the act of clothing as a way of being and communicating.
Vogue Men has been an extraordinary lab as well, where Lucchini scouted and brought to light great photographers, journalists, stylists and art-directors.
Through his magazine, which he directed till 1980, Flavio Lucchini witnessed his passion for fashion, and not only the feminine one.
Lucchini created other important headings till his definitive walking out from the publishing world in the Nineties, when he decided to convert fashion in the subject of his artistic research.
Now he is a full-time artist, beyond being the president of Superstudio Group, created in order to give space, in a different way, to fashion, art, culture and experimentation.

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