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OROBLU' meets Flavio Lucchini. For over thirty years, one of the most charismatic influencers in the world of Italian fashion and founder of Superstudio, FLAVIO LUCCHINI, explores the artistic aspect of women’s dress and feminine form, through a production of over two hundred contemporary, tactile, fresh and innovative art pieces,  as his work always has been.
Both being of mutual origin, during the Design Week 2017, OROBLU' chooses to express its values focusing on the pursuit of elegance, of material innovation and and femininity, oriented Design presenting one of Lucchini’s gold leaf dress totems: like a woman, a being to be adored, whose essence never age nor falls. A celebration of the feminine identity, crystalized in an art work.




Art Window during Milan Design Week
Oroblù Boutique
Via Ponte Vetero 9, Milano
3-9 April 2017, h 10-19

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