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A thought that Superstudio willingly addressed to many citizens who, needing them, do not find these medical devices  now essential for every movement and that will be required also in the early times of the post-coronavirus for the more normal activities.
Imagining  operators who will accompany the doctors in the new hospital just inaugurated in record time at the Fair, and the many people who will not be able to get them, we have offered them to the Mayor Sala and to the Councillor of the Municipality of Milan Rabaiotti and to the Civil Defence. They will be delivered in the next few days to the Hospital of the Fair and to the ‘Enzo Jannacci' Hospitality House, to the Saini sports center converted into a shelter for homeless and at the center set up in Porta Romana port of call  to lighten Casa Jannacci ensuring the protection of all guests. 
We are pleased to have been able to contribute a little help to our city and to the safety of its weakest inhabitants.
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