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Superstudio Più, citadel of creativity of via Tortona 27 in Milan, the place of “possibilities” where many cultural events of fashion, art and design found space and support.

Besides the exhibiting activities of the location, with firstly fashion and design, a growing cultural activity that Superstudio hosts, produces and supports offering a unique space in the city for sizes, services, quality, position.
Superstudio Più is the first and biggest private space open to young talents of art and contemporaneity, other experimental or less: painting, sculpture, installations, street art, video, performing arts, dance, photography, fashion, design, art-design, craftsmanship, and other not conventional expressions. Right from the start, its mission has been a mix of commercial/cultural initiatives of top level and high innovation, patronage and cultural scouting.


Superstudio Più is “Neverland”, or even better, that never was on the front line of the city’s requirements to which an answer did not exist. There were no public spaces for young talents, there were no private spaces as these artistic initiatives usually didn’t have enough budget to deal with the rent and events organization.
In addition to its large exhibiting spaces (about 8.000 sq.m ), Superstudio Più added spaces of various sizes especially reserved for art: Art Point, space of 1.000 sq.m MyOwnGallery, concept gallery of 300 sq.m, art.box window overlooking the street for small installations of about 20 sq.m, the Art Garden, a garden with sculptures for events meetings and performances, the Art Square, a square for outdoor installations.

Since 2011 Superstudio hosts with great success : AAF, Affordable Art Fair (www.affordableartfair.it), the main international fair for art under 6000 euro of quality that involves Italian and internationals galleries.

The artistic activities organized by or through Superstudio have been several different ones, created on the premises or in other spaces of the city. We mention just a few:
China Here with successful Chinese artists and the collective exhibition “Temporary Traditions” by Art Academy of Yunnan and by Martina Cognate January 2006; the Art & Entrepreneurship of Credit Suisse by Philippe Daverio; CowParade spring 2007 (100 artists cows in the streets of Milan) “La Notte della Danza" open festival from sunset until sunrise, 2002/2006; Uovo, performing art festival, 2004/2008, Première, evenings dedicated to “prime art works” of various art shapes, 2005/2006; Unreal Flower, collective exhibition comparing artists of different generations, from 18 to 80 years, 2007; Look-book, selection of your fashion photographers with job opportunity, 2009; (con)TemporaryArt, large contemporary art fair with site specific projects, performances and huge installations at the same time at Mart by M.A.T. Milano Altri Talenti association, 2008/2009/2010; Sopra il Sotto, art-manholes in the hottest streets of Milan created by international street artists, in via Tortona 2010 and in via Montenapoleone 2011: and more great art works by Omar Galliani curated by Flaminio Gualdoni, IL Papero Rosso curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Flavio Lucchini and his Dress Art, Bros curated by Art Kitchen, Bansky and Shephard Fairey in 2010…

Superstudio Più also hosted the first MINT editions, Milan International Antiques and Modern Art Exhibitions, devoted to antiques and Modern Art Exhibition, and AAM, the first Accessible Art Salon held in Milan of independent artists and young galleries, and of MIA, Milan Image Art Fair (www.miafair.it) the first art fair in Italy dedicated photography and video art created by Fabio Castelli. Also see the “fairs” section on this website.

For further information on the hosted exhibitions, visit the sections MyOwnGallery and art.box on this website or visit:


After devoting his life to the world of fashion publishing – where he founded and directed the most important Italian female fashion magazines from "Fantasia", created in 1960, to ”Amica", created in 1962, to “Vogue Italia" and all the group's magazines, to "Donna" and "Mondo Uomo", leaving out the minor publications – in 1990, Flavio Lucchini began to fully devote himself to his ever-lasting passion: sculpture. His artworks address his leading role in the fashion world, his love for beauty, his idea of a dress, seen not only as a way to cover the body but as a way to transcend it.
These are artworks investigating the mystery of clothes as a social cultural expression, paintings, sculptures, bas-riliefs, digital-art reflecting on contemporaneity.
A massive archive-gallery, located next to the Basement, unveils room by room the history of  Flavio Lucchini, Superstudio Più resident artist.
On show at Undergallery, we find his reflections on the fashion circus Fashion-Lunapark; the early Nineties Dress-Toys – irregular cubes in coloured lacquered iron or in Cor-ten steel – candidly arranged as to represent figures and clothes; the deified clothes taking the shape of urban Dress-Totems.
Moreover the Gold sculptures, in which the artist approaches to the better-defined dress; the Dress-Memories displaying a personal weakness towards beautiful clothes; the Ghosts, ethereal ghostly dresses. Then the Dolls, naïve cheeky girls, ironic and colorful, the Faces, women portraits as sketched by a child, the Flowers, big imaginary flowers, the Marshmallows, sweet puppets in the American candy palette, and finally the Burqas and the Covers, on the same theme, reflecting on the denial of women's rights, yesterday as much as today.
Flavio Lucchini's atelier is placed inside Superstudio Più, in via Tortona, and can be visited by appointment only.
To check out the site: www.flaviolucchiniart.com

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